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I am exhilarated by the introduction of the Lodge Achievement in Outstanding Performance award by my Grand Lodge! Upon first hearing about this program I knew, as it was being explained, that it was going to be a major league winner for my lodge. The very talented Brothers of my Lodge will fit in very nicely with the concepts and programs of this plan, which maps out how, specifically to go about measurably increasing your lodge’s performance of its duties. Step-by-step evaluation of our performance, written down, will help us to have a clear view of what we did well and what we can improve on from year to year.

The plan is extremely flexible and leaves lots of room for Brothers to come up with all kinds of projects to work on to benefit the Community and Masonry itself. As American Masonry tries many things to fill our ranks with good Men, this award is bound to attract the attention of a great many Masons, for it shows us the way to concretely reach our Masonic goals. It will help us to clarify who we are as Masons and exactly what we stand for and to work as a cohesive team towards our goals.

Everyone wants an Outstanding Lodge. Everyone wants to experience how great it is to be a Masonic Brother and do the good things we do. I’m very excited about the innovative steps my Grand Lodge is taking to make our craft better, so that we Masons can improve ourselves as we see fit. As I ascend into the east, Lodge willing, this will make my job much easier to communicate to the Brothers exactly what we are doing and why. The sky is the limit for Brothers who clearly understand where they are going. It’s a great day to be a Mason!


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